Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Lyra & Poet" auction is live

The "Lyra & Poet" auction is a 2 day auction.

Hi everyone...the "Lyra & Poet" starts 6.27.2012 at 8:00pm est..the auction is now live on My Auction is the link:

Thanks everyone for your continued interest in my paintwork!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Lyra" and "Poet" update and studio news letter...

"Lyra" and "Poet" are quickly nearing completion.

From my earlier posts you may have read that these two will be my next sales/auction items. They will be auctioned off via My Auction Barn.

Here is the link to the My Auction Barn site for those who might be interested in bidding on the pair:

The wonderful "Lyra" and "Poet" were sculpted by the gifted Mindy Berg who is well known in the model horse community for her wonderful paintwork and custom work...and now sculpting as well!

The second update is that I now have an email newsletter for those who wish to receive information on C.S.Richmond Studios sales/auction items and commission openings. Information is delivered directly to your email inbox.

 The sales/auction items will be posted here on my studio BLOG and to my Studio Facebook page, but the newsletter is useful for those who do not have the time to search the internet for my sales and auction items or for those who do not use Facebook....AND the newsletter is for those who only wish to read and have quick notice about my sales/auction and commission offerings.

The newsletter also allows me to add photos and links and provides a more professional look and style than the old Yahoo mailing list I was using...and the newsletter delivery is 100% to subscribers....unlike the Yahoo emails not reaching each and every subscriber as it should.....or being delivered several days late to peoples inboxes.

I've opted to keep the Yahoo group as storage for my paintwork photos and will no longer be using the group for posting.

For those interested in signing up for my studio newsletter here is the link:

You name is not required if you do not wish to supply it...only an email address is needed.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The progress of "Lyra" and auction details...

Short little update here on the progress of the "Lyra" and "Poet" sales items I am working on...I've applied some of the fine hair details to "Lyra" and the painting on her mane and tail is almost completed. I am using hand painted acrylics for the paintwork on the "Lyra" and "Poet" sculptures.

The "Lyra" and "Poet" duo will be auctioned as a set via My Auction Barn is the link to the wonderful auction site:

I will be offering time payments on the "Lyra" and "Poet" set ..... time payment and shipping details will be included in the auction page.

"Lyra" and "Poet" are the creative sculpting works of the talented Mindy Berg.

Here is a photo showing the tiny details I've applied to the "Lyra" sculpture so far....

Have a wonderful day everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trash...can be treasure! The tale of the trash frog....

Big ol' sad puppy eyes peered at me from the kitchen doorway and my husband asked "do you think you can fix this?"

He held in his hands a brightly decorated 20 inch long ceramic hand held the frog and the other held one of the frogs legs which had been broken off. He had found the cast-aside on top of someones trash can while on his early morning bike ride.

Some of the frogs toes were missing as well.

I smiled at took the damaged frog from him and answered "sure it can be fixed".

In the studio I eyed the broken amphibian....I gathered my repair materials and began the work.

Over the span of about a week I spent an early morning hour or two on the repairs....

Here is the frog in his broken form...

I have found a wonderful repair material is called J.B.Weld and it is a two part bonding material that is as tough as nails!. You can purchase the J.B.Weld at auto parts stores and other large department stores. It is not temperature sensitive for hot or cold and can be used to repair resin horses too.

After applying a thin application to the insides of the cracked edge of the frogs arm I pressed the two pieces together and applied painters tape to keep things secure until dry...

Once dry I removed the time to fill the gaping hole....I used the Aves "Fix It" for this part of the repair....the Aves "Fix It" is a two part appoxy that can be sanded once dry. Be sure to use latex gloves when handling any of the appoxy materials. I stuffed a small piece of newspaper into the gaping hole for filler...

After fixing filling the hole at the frogs elbow I had to sculpt him some new toes....I used toothpicks as the framework to build the layers of appoxy for the frogs toes....

Once the appoxy was dry on the toes I sanded them all down in the areas where they met the ceramic.....then I applied some primer with a brush....and then it was painting time!

I then went back and did some additional filling in of un-level areas on the toes with my modeling paste....and then I repainted the toes and the area at the frogs elbow....repainted in photo below elbow on the right....

The repainted side in the picture above is the elbow on the right....

Here are comparisons of the before and after...before...

and after..

And now here he is all done! I used some Krylon Triple Thick spray for the final high gloss finish....

Just in time for Fathers day this Sunday! Hubs will be surprised!

After doing a little research...based on the "Mexico" and the odd few letter signature on the bottom of the frog...I learned that these ceramic frogs are called "Televera" wall art...there are many types and the frogs are just one example of these brightly colored ornaments. I saw many wall frogs that were painted in the style of this one by a few artists...but none of the names matched the letters on our frog...

I was glad that I could repair this work of art....."Trash Frog" will be enjoyed for many more years to come!

Happy Fathers day this Sunday to all the Dads and Grand Dads out there! Enjoy your day!

C.S.Richmond Studios

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rose Reining horse completed....

The Rose Reining horse commission is all done with the exception of a signature/date and sealer..he has one solid brown eye and one eye half  blue and half brown.....I am thrilled with using acrylics for this technique. The next challenge goal for me will be to work in acrylics painting a dappled grey or solid/dappled bay with the same layered fine hair details.....painted so that they meld into one fine blended layer.... I can not wait to try this...

The "Lyra" and "Poet" project is coming along nicely...I'm going to follow the same technique in painting them as I did the Reiner above....although they will be a different color.

The pintaloosa commission project is another inspiring project to apply this technique to...I'm anxious to get him well into completion. He is about 65% completed.

Time to paint!
Have a wonderful day everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Saturday, June 9, 2012

One Rose Reiner almost crossing the finish line....

I am so pleased with the outcome of this project. This Rose Reiner is about 98% completed.....

This is the first time I have done my painting on a project with 95% acrylic paints. I am getting more and more comfortable using them.

I am liking the acrylics better and better for the painting of the highly detailed projects like the Rose Reiner you see in this post.

The Rose Reining horse is sculpted by the super talent of Sarah Rose. This copy is a commissioned project and I have removed the Reiner from his base for the customer.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The beginnings of "Lyra"...

Yesterday I started painting my copy of "Lyra"....little "Poet" will follow once "Lyra" is a bit further along.

Both "Lyra" and "Poet" were sculpted by the talented Mindy Berg.

These will be among my next sales offerings....

I had a lovely sabino mare reference photo on file...she has a neat colored mane and tail and she also has that wonderful steelish-red-grey tone in her coat that I love.

Here the two are unpainted....

...and here is "Lyra" in her very early stage of colors....

Until next time....have a wonderful day everyone!

C.S.Richmond Studios

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rose Reining horse details....and blue eyes...

I've been experimenting with the application of several layers of acrylic details over oil colors for the past several months. The Rose Reining horse below is one and the horse in a previous post, the Annihilator copy #6 was the other project I used this application on. I am pleased with the look and result.

The horse above will have a light golden cream and white mane and tail once completed.

I had the opportunity to once again photograph a commission I created back in early 2009....updated photos using my new camera too!

The guy below is a Crusher resin sculpted by the talented Kitty Cantrell. This was a commission project and I was asked to paint him and do some re sculpting on this resins mane, tail and legs as well.

I began searching through my old files to locate some of my older works...and I still need to find the photos from when I first began painting the horses back in 2003.

I like to go back and look at my old works to compare my see where I can improve even more and build on the work I'm painting now.

Here is another past work I painted with blue eyes...a traditional sized Scarlett resin commission. Scarlett is sculpted by the super talent of Stacey Tumlinson.

Until next time ...have a wonderful day everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Studio progress.....

This afternoon I boxed up two completed projects so that they could travel across the country to their owners.

As an artist ...on one side of the is just a touch sad to send them on their journey knowing that I might not see them again in person....the other side of the coin is knowing that the items are going to be enjoyed by others.

I've just completed a wonderful traditional sized Wyakin resin that was a commission...Wyakin is sculpted by the talents of Michelle Platt.

Another almost completed project is a lovely Senator resin sculpted by the talented Brigitte Eberl. I'll need to get more photos of Senator once he is completely done....

I'm having trouble with the white sox showing up way to bright in the photos...will have to work on my lighting adjustment....or something...

Progress has been made on the two Reiners and I've prepped and began prepping six more resins to paint.

Three are commissions: Eberl Violetta
                                    Lermond Annihilator
                                    Polster Kladrubber

Three are sales items: Rose Affinity
                                 Berg Lyra and Poet

The votes that I received tilted the scale by a thin margin for Lyra and Poet to be highly detailed sabinos...thank you all for your input on colors for Lyra and Poet!

Have a wonderful day everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios