Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Daisy Chane"

I'm enjoying the wonderful cool October air....we had a long cloudy spell last week for about 8 days...I know many who are lacking in rain would love to have these cloudy cool rainy days...the progress of fall and the begining of winter no doubt will bring rain to those dry regions.

Meet "Daisy Chane". She is a Breyer customized balking mule project by Karla Zroik of Kamansa Korner Studio and myself, Sandra Hottinger of C.S.Richmond Studios. "Daisy" stands 10.5 inches tall to the tip of her ear.

Karla, creator of fantasticly detailed one of a kind dog, cat, and other wonderful animal sculptures, did the scullpting on this project.....and after Karla completed the amazing sculpted hair detailing, "Daisy Chane" was shipped to me for the paintwork.

Here are some wonderful Scotty dogs that Karla Sculpted...these are proudly displayed in my curio cabinet.

I've hand painted "Daisy Chane" in rich oil colors and some acrylic details. I thought it fitting that with a name like "Daisy Chane" (who remembers making those chain necklaces out of field daisies?) she needed a daisy necklace....I've made the necklace so that is is removeable.

This project was completed 10.5.2011.

For size comparison here are a few photos of Miss "Daisy" along with a Breyer sitting donkey (left) and a Breyer balking mule (right)....."Daisy" was created using a Breyer mule like the mule pictured there on the right....

And here are two more photos of "Daisy" with the Breyer sitting donkey.....

....and the Breyer balking mule.

Wishing you all the best! Have a wonderful day!
Sandra Hottinger
C.S.Richmond Studios