Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Elsie" coming to life....

"Elsie" is the subject in the painting workshop I'm giving....she makes the perfect teaching tool too. Elsies sculpted details are wonderful..hats off to Sarah Minkiewicz for her fantastic sculpting talent ! Even the whisker bumps and skin wrinkles on Elsies muzzle are detailed into the sculpture.

Elsie will have a flea bitten coat once completed and little Oliver will be painted a baby black foal color with a small star and four white sox.

I'll be offering the workshop in CD/booklet form soon to those who missed the class registration deadline.

Elsie is owned and commissioned by Kate and I'm handpainting Elsie in oil colors.

Hope you all are keeping cool....the summer is a hot one this year. I expect the hot teperatures here in Virginia will be short lived as the weather here is very changeable from day to day. In the winter we can have a few days of 30 degree temps and then it will warm up into the high 50s.
That is about all for this writing session...

Have a wonderful day all!
Sandra Hottinger
CSRichmond Studios

Friday, July 15, 2011

Works in progres...

New favorites....
I've been painting a few new equine coat colors over the past few months....palomino, dun, grulla and greys...my new favorite colors. I especially love painting the duns and dappled greys...one of my works in progress, pictured above, is a wonderful Valinor skillfully sculpted by the vary talented Sarah Minkiewicz....the tiny sculpted details on Sarahs sculptures amaze me. Valinor is owned by Susan and Susan and I have decided on the name "Say it in Silver" for the name of this project.

The "Elsie Workshop" is going well and the students have suggested that I make some CDs of the workshop for them to buy as reference material...there will also be CDs on the "Elsie Workshop" offered for sale to non-workshop members as well.

Time to paint!
Sandra Hottinger
C.S.Richmond Studios