Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sealer discussion..."Annihilator" shows the difference...

Several people have asked me what sealer I use. I completed the Annihilator V1 project yesterday so I thought this would be a good time to show the difference sealer makes to my paintwork.

I have mentioned this several times before and I'll mention it again for those who so not is very important not to breath any spray sealant, spray paints, ect. as they can cause all kinds of respiratory issues. Always spray outside and apply your sealer so that the wind is blowing the spray away from you. There is a saying I read once: "If you can smell it you are breathing in the fine particles of the spray".

I am painting in oil colors and I use the Krylon Artists acrylic brands of sealers. I started out in 2003 using the Krylon Matte seen here:

This sealer will cause a milky-cloudy look to darker painted horses, such as bays and blacks. if used on a humid day or if you apply the sealer too thickly in one spraying session. It will also cause a fine powdery look to dark horses if applied too far away from the surface of your item.

Later I moved on to other textures of sealants ..mostly because I was looking for a sealant that would bring out the fine color quality of the oil colors I use better than the matte sealer.

I moved onto using these two sealants for my work: The Krylon Workable Fixatif

and the Krylon Satin Finish:

You will notice that all of the above are non-yellowing sealants...using a sealant that does not yellow is, without doubt, very important to preserving the quality of your work. You would not want your white markings or your white horse to become yellow several years down the road.

The Krylon Workable Fixatif is wonderful if you want a more glossy look or a slightly glossy look. Apply the sealant in two or three coats for a more glossy look. For a less glossy look apply the sealer from about 14 inches away from your item and only apply two thin layers.

I like the Krylon Satin to apply to my white or lighter colored horses. Also some customers do not care for the slight gloss look of the fixatif is then that I use the Satin finish.

I have never had an issue with these sealers becoming sticky on the surface of my completed paintwork. The key is to allow your paint work to dry COMPLETELY before applying any sealer. It is also key to allow your primer to dry completely before applying another coat of primer or applying your paint layers. It is also very important to allow your paint to dry very well between layers before applying the next coat of paint.

Now for the photos...on Annihilator V1 I have used the workable fixatif.
Annihilator V1 was sculpted by the super talented Debbi Lermond.

Before sealer:

after sealer

before sealer

I have read that the sprays have a shelf life. I have used cans of the sealer up to about 2 years after purchase.  

For glossing hooves and eyes I hand paint a high gloss sealer with a tiny brush. I use the "Deco Art Triple Thick" acrylic and the Delta Ceramcoat gloss acrylic sealer. Both of these clean up with water and are non-toxic.

Well....that is about it for the information on the sealers I use.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Violetta" completed..and a few works in progress....

Wonderful "Violetta" is completed. "Violetta" is the amazing sculpting handy work of the very talented Brigitte Eberl. "Violetta" is a commissioned item....

Another amazing sculpture I am currently painting is the "Romulus 2"..."Romulus" is sculpted by the talented Mandi Hickman. Here "Romulus" is a work in progress and he is a commissioned item...

...and last but certainly not least is the hulk of anger "Annihilator V1" resin sculpted by the very talented Debbi the photos "Annihilator V1" is 99% completed....I still need to apply his sealer ...the sealer will bring out all the wonderful colors and tones of the oils....."Annihilator V1" is a commissioned item...

Next up are the fantastic Independence resin and the Stormwatch resin both as commissions. Indy will be painted to a highly detailed walkaloosa and Stormy will be an aged flea bitten grey.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Sharing some photos of the lovely "Mulinette" commission I've just completed....I love her wonderful wise face!

Wonderful "Mulinette" is sculpted by the ever popular and super talented Brigitte Eberl.

...and here is a close up of the hand painted details....

Nearing completion are the "Violetta" and the "Annihilator V1" commission....looking at the list of commissions that need to be completed before the start of the 2013 season there are 6 left .....these 6 are the balance left out of the 32 commission slots which were booked for the 2010 through 2012 painting season. I seriously need to go back and count how many horses I have painted since 2003....

As always I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued interest in my paintwork!

Have a wonderful day!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Monday, August 6, 2012


One of my commissioned works in progress is the lovely  "Violetta" resin sculpted by the ever popular Brigitte Eberl.

"Violetta" is approximately 80% completed in these photos.

Thank you all for your continued interest in my paintwork!
Have a wonderful day!
C.S.Richmond Studios