Saturday, June 9, 2012

One Rose Reiner almost crossing the finish line....

I am so pleased with the outcome of this project. This Rose Reiner is about 98% completed.....

This is the first time I have done my painting on a project with 95% acrylic paints. I am getting more and more comfortable using them.

I am liking the acrylics better and better for the painting of the highly detailed projects like the Rose Reiner you see in this post.

The Rose Reining horse is sculpted by the super talent of Sarah Rose. This copy is a commissioned project and I have removed the Reiner from his base for the customer.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios


  1. Careful,those acrylics will hook you. I love mine.

  2. I'm hooked...hook, line and sinker! :)