Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi all!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving and Chistmas holiday season filled with family, friends and wonderful hot spiced cider, ham and turkey, and all the fixins' :)
I've been burning the midnigh oil again in the studio...painting away and having the time of my life. So many wonderful equine faces looking at me...all in various stages of completion. Some finished and looking at me from my "finished" shelf.
Here is a wonderful resin I am working on for Stephanie and Brian. This project is a portrait of their horse T.K.Wellington. We chose to use a wonderful Carol Williams Victrix resin and I added the new sculpted gelding parts to replicate the live T.K.Wellington.
As he is pictured here all that is left to complete are painting his eyes, detailing his hooves, mane and tail, and applying the sealer once he is dry.

I am also working on my photography skills :) After much reading and experimenting...and the purchase of a photography cube...and a customized hand died backdrop I think I am finally happy with my photos. The color backdrop I came up with seems to work well with my camera. My photography has needed improvement for a while now...I needed to be able to show more detail and I needed to upgrade to a more professional looking photograph representation of my finishwork.
Well off to begin my fun filled painting day!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Abby" aka "Anything but Mine"

Hi all:) Wow it has been a while since I've had time to post here.....I've so busy with commissions here in the studio....working my way through the items here on my "to do" and "in progress" shelves. Most of the items here have some color and are in progress...and just last week two commissions were completed. The two commissions which were completed are featured above.
The top two photos are of a wonderful commissioned Victrix resin sculpted by the uber talented Carol Williams. Victrix is owned by Lisa G. and Lisa chose this wonderful color based on a colorful thoroughbred..and Lisa has chosen the name of "Abby" for her horse. I painted "Abby" with a bit of an altered coat pattern from the real horse...still keeping with the same colors as the real ref horse. A few years back I also painted "Abby"s sire "Color Me Jealous".....a wonderful TB max expressed sabino.  Here is a photo of "Color Me Jealous".

The second completed commission featured above is a wonderful Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig ever popular "Stormy" resin. I painted this item for Marla in appaloosa colors with an extended blanket and loads of fine hair details. I love the way Stormys face is sculpted ...the lazy droopy lower lip and that slight Roman full of personality.
Items which are next in line for painting include the wonderful Debbi Lermond new "Annihilator" resin...commissioned by Sophie...a Victrix resin painted in highly detailed flea bitten grey owned by Stephanie....a Sarah Rose trad Independance, Eberl Kladrupper and Lorenze  and a C. Williams Valor resin owned by Shelly..several Stacey Tumlinson REALLY COOL Aerosmith resin commissions ..and many Rose Reiner commissions too! I can not wait to paint one of those Aerosmiths and Reiners!
Well time to begin my painting day...fall is finally here!
Have a wonderful day all:)
C.S.Richmond Studios

Sunday, August 29, 2010


T.K.Wellington....what a wonderful name. The live T.K.Wellington is owned by Stephanie and her husband Brian and I am honored to have been asked by Stephanie and her husband to paint 3-D portraits of their horses....T.K. , Ziggy and Ransom. Featured here is a photo of the real T.K. along with  the resin I am using to create a life like portrait of T.K....I am using a wonderful Carol Williams Victrix resin...which has been customized to a gelding by C.S.Richmond Studios. 
I am painting Stephanie and Brians other two horses, Ziggy and Ransom, using two Breyer Gem Twist models. Both Ziggy and Ransom are wonderfully nice colored bays..each a differrent variation of bay.
I am moving along nicely now with commissions after the busy Breyerfest and NAN event held in July. I look to have four new commissions completed in the next three weeks....and I have also moved on to pulling two names from the waiting list.
I greatly appreciate the interest in my paintwork from so many wonderful people. The emails from people wishing to be added to my waiting list just kept coming in...and I am greatly humbled by the overwelming wave of inquiries over the past six months. My paint slot books as well as my waiting list books are now closed until I can get the majority of the customers commissions on my waiting list completed. I will surely have to come up with a new way of offering paint slot openings.....I'll be thinking on how to do that over the fall and next spring. It has come to the point where the overwelming number of people at one time asking me to paint an item for them makes it impossible for me to handle them all without having a waiting list that goes on for eternity. Thinking of a plan...thinking..thinking...
Commission works in progress and now with colors are an appaloosa Stormy resin in dark bay extended blanket, A mini Wyakin in bay varnish roan appaloosa, and an Eberl Lorenze in wonderfully highly detailed Knabstrupper colors.
More to come soon:)
C.S.Richmond Studios

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Shadows of the Moon" and his first live show debut...

Congratulations to "Shadows of the Moon"s new owner Vicky Norris. Vicky had the winning raffle ticket for  "Shadows" at the 2010 NAMHSA 15th anniversary party auction and raffle held in Lexington KY July 22nd, 2010. Vicky was able to show "Shadows" under the new name "Luck of the Draw" at the Peter Stone 2010 EQ show in Lexington KY ...."Luck of the Draw" did a super job in his first show.

"Luck of the Draw" won breed and workmanship firsts at EQ, then reserve breed group and champ workmanship group, then went on to win overall workmanship and, judges choice champ. Kristina Francis was the workmanship judge.
"Luck of the Draw" is off to a wonderful start...I am anxious to see how he does in the 2010 and 2011 show season and then at NAN as well.
Congrats again to Vicky!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breyerfest and some newly completed items...

Hi all:)
I've been busy for the past four days packing for our trip to Breyerfest. Once again I will have several commissioned paintwork items on display in our room at the Holiday Inn North Lexington Ky. We will be there set up from July 21st 2010 to July 25th 2010. Slotted to be on display are:
~Barbaras CMed Lermond Peasant Stomper in dappled grey~

~Stacey Tumlinsons Ravenhill Revisited dk. dappled bay tobiano~for sale

~Sues Kara Kush in metallic dappled black going grey~

~Marlas Stormy in appy colors in progress~

~Susans Romulus in chestnut sabino going grey~

~Sophies Crusher resin in appaloosa customized mane and tail~

~Sophies Derby resin in grey tobiano~

~Robins Working Girl resin in dark golden palomino~

~Kristis Traditional Scarlett in Appaloosa colors

Above are photos of Barbaras Peasant Stomper and Staceys Ravenhill view my other recent commissioned paintwork completions visit my web page here:
Look for posters in the halls of the HIN for our room number.
More paintwork completions close to being posted:)
Have a wonderful day and hope to see you all at Breyerfest!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Shadows of the Moon"

Hi all:)
I am thrilled...the NAMHSA 15th anniversary raffle and auction page is up and running! Time for the big Breyerfest celebration and the big NAMHSA 15th anniversary celibration is just a few weeks away:) Yay!
Below are two links...the "Shadows of the Moon" link is to the NAMHSA 15th anniversary donation photos ...the other NAMHSA link is to the NAMHSA raffle ticket page where you can buy tickets to enter a chance to win one of the fantastic raffle items. Rio Rondo and I donated a painted copy of a wonderful Carol Williams "Venator" resin...Rio Rondo supplied the wonderful "Venator" resin and I supplied the paintwork :)
Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend all!

"Shadows of the Moon" photos

NAMHSA raffle item page

C.S.Richmond Studios

Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Shadows of the Moon"
Breyerfest is almost here! My how time flies:) The photo above is one of my favorite photos of "Shadows of the Moon"....a NAMHSA 15th anniversary donation to be a raffle item..a wonderful C. Williams Venator resin donated by Rio Rondo and C.S.Richmond Studios.....along with many many wonderful other donations by some super talented artists in our hobby. Hope to see many of you there at Breyerfest in July.
More photos of "Shadows" will be posted here, on my C.S.Richmond Studios web page, and on my studio Facebook page... along with the NAMHSA ticket purchase page link.
More to come in a few days:)
C.S.Richmond Studios

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NAMHSA 15th anniversary donation work in progress....

Here is an updated photo of my NAMHSA 15th anniversary donation item....wonderful "Venator" is being painted by me, C.S.Richmond Studios and this copy of the popular Carol Williams sculpture was generously donated by Gary of Rio Rondo..thanks Gary!
"Shadows of the Moon" is approx 80% completed...he will be a raffle item featured at the NAMHSA 15th anniversary party in July...for more info on raffle ticket purchases and the other wonderful donations click here:

also be sure to visit my main web site here:

More to come:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm still kickin' ....

Hi all:) Wow time sure flies! I've been burning the midnight oil with various commission projects and the NAN 2010 donation "Shadows of the Moon" project.....and here is one of my favorites ...a wonderful Peasant Stomer resin sculpted by Deb Lermond and Kitty Cantrell. This copy of P.S. was customized by Deb Lermond with the addition of some new mane hair strands, more leg feathering and a new look to his tail. At this stage P.S. is about 45% completed ....this wonderful guy is a commissioned item owned by Barbara and is being painted by C.S.Richmond Studios in oil colors to a wonderful soft grey with golden tones and a hint of warm browns....more to come soon:)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Shadows of the Moon"

Welcome spring!
VERY warm this week into the high 70s and low 80s....VERY hard to believe we had snow on the ground just a few weeks everything is in full bloom:) Yay :)
I have been very busy with commission paintwork these past few weeks....the higher temps are helping the paint dry much faster now so much progress is being made in the studio. Here is an updated photo of the NAMHSA 15th anniversary party donation I am working resin of choice was a wonderful Carol Williams Valor resin.....this guys studio name is "Shadows of the Moon". "Shadow" is slotted to be a raffle item at the NAMHSA 15th anniversary celibration on July 22nd, 2010 in Lexinton will soon be available thru the NAMHSA web site....I will be posting all info as I receive it, posting will be thru my C.S.Richmond Studios Yahoo group emails, on my C.S.Richmond Studios Facebook page, Model Horse Sales Pages... and info will be posted here as well.
Also in the news...check out my new web page here:
Thanks to everyone and have a wonderful spring day!
C.S.Richmond Studios

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Sophies Annihilators"

Hi all:)

By now most of you have seen the new "Angry Drafter" AKA as "The Annihilator"...if not you can see him here and read the wonderful story of "Sophies dream" and how Sophie and Debbi Lermond made this angry beast come to here:

This is a second post on the wonderful Annihilators:) Sophie has now chosen the colors I am to paint her 4 copies to:) Wonderful color choices all!
I am proud and honored to have been asked by dear Sophie to paint four of these wonderful resins for her. I will be painting cast number two...number 6 ...number 17...and number 18. Sophie has also decided on the colors she wishes me to paint for her. They will be as follows:

#2....highly detailed appaloosa..deep dark chocolate brown/black varnished roaned brown/black with extended blanket...loaded with fine hair detail throughout with the coolest mapped and haloed spots I've seen yet...I am working from a live ref horse photo for painting this guy...Sophie was wonderful to research and find just the right ref horse for her copy number two. I am sure you all will be amazed at the colors and pattern once this guy is completed.

#6.....For this copy Sophie has chosen a wonderful highly detailed leopard appaloosa with the most gorgeous pink skin and spots in complete balance. Sophies favorite colors...leopard appaloosa:) Sophie was wonderful in finding the ref picture I will be using to paint her Annihilator copy number 6 by:)

#17.....For this copy number 17 Sophie has chosen a super cool chessie roan with the most splendid color eyes I have seen yet..the eye color contrast with the coat color is facinating. Many thanks to Sophie for allowing me to paint this wonderful color for her:)

#18....for this copy number eighteen Sophie has chosen to have me paint a horse she saw in a movie....she painstakingly took photos of the horse on television so I would have amny photos to work by....the copy number 18 will be painted to a highly detailed black and white with a wonderful bald face and blue eyes....the black in this horses coat os soooo wonderful...a nice blue-black coal look...and the eyes are sky blue.

I must say that the Annihilator is packed full of details..he is really something to see in person......Debbi added the most fine hair detail in the sculpture...and the face...oh my the face is so full of expression...I just can not wait to put paintbrushes to work on these guys!

Thanks again Sophie for asking me to paint these four guys for you...and special thanks to Debbi and her talents in bringing Sophies dream to life.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shellys' horses...

Here are three wonderful resins which I will be painting for Shelly as commissions....the top photo is as Eberl Kladrupper stallion which Shelly has decided to be painted to a nice rose grey. the middle photo is the ever popular Rose Independance...and the bottom photo is of an Eberl Lorenze which will be painted to a highly detailed covered-with-spots-and-roaning appaloosa with four nice sox.
Sophies' angry beasts......
New arrival at C.S. Richmond Studios....the new Debbi Lermond "Annihilator" super detailed is this guy ..simply amazing! I have been commissioned by Sophie Morel to paint 4 of these amazing sculptures.I'll be painting copy numbers two, six, seventeen and number eighteen. More to come:)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mini Bitty Bosco paintwork by C.S.Richmond Studios.....
This little fellow is the wonderful Morgen Kilbourn miniature resin"Bitty Bosco".....painted by me in oil colors to micro-detailed appaloosa...super detail and a full-of-soul gleam in his eyes. He stands roughly 3 inches tall and is 3.5 inches long...As with all my paintwork items I've given him a name...."Scout". "Scout" is currently up for offers ...high offer on the table so far is $425.00 given by M.J.P. Offers will be accepted until midnight Valentines day February 14th, 2010. If you would like to make an offer or have questions about "Scout" feel free to email me at
BIG snowstorm on the way...loads of snow again...but I LOVE the snow:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wonderful "Kara Kush" resin....

A few days this week were spent painting the underlayment of dapples on a wonderful "Kara Kush" resin...
owned and commissioned by Sue...."Kara" is sculpted by Andrea Kessler...and "Kara" is being painted by me to a metallic black going grey in rich oils.."Kara" is about 25% completed in these photos....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

El Monumento
Here is a nice Eberl "El Monumento I painted last year for Maria....Maria chose a wonderful buckskin going grey for her "El Monumento:) I am looking forward to completeing a few more grey colored horses this year...have a wonderful day:)
C.S.Richmond Studios

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Hazel" all dressed up.....

Hi all.....I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and joyful NEW YEARs day:)
In the summer of 2009 I completed painting a wonderful Morgen Kilbourn "Hazel" resin....."Hazel" has such a sweet face:) This painted copy of "Hazel" is owned by Michelle....and this morning Michelle surprised me with a few photos of the "Hazel" resin I painted all decked out in some fantastic new tack. The photo credit goes to Michelle and the wonderful tack set was handmade by Kristeen Haley of KH custom tack.....the new tack look awsome with "Hazels" coloring!