Friday, November 27, 2009

I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, fun, great food, and lots of laughter:)
Right on schedule at 6 AM I headed for my studio after getting hubby out the door and off to his job....and above is one of my own sales items ...this little guy is the wonderful little Stablemate sized Morgen Kilbourn sculpture creation " Bitty Bosco". I am painting him in my meduim of choice....oil colors:) I've decided to name this spunky little Spanish Mustang "Scout"..."Scout" is currrently up for offers..high offer on the table is from M.J.P. at $425.00.
More photos of "Scout" can be viewed in the photo section at the C.S.Richmond Studios Yahoo group :) ...Click on the above photos to view the larger sized pictures:)
Have a wonderful day:)
C.S.Richmond Studios

Monday, November 9, 2009

Huge heavy duty spots in the works :) Featured in the photo above is one of my super favorite resins....can you all guess which resin this is?......this resin is a work in progress here in my studio being created, as always, in my favorite medium of choice....deep, dark, rich and creamy oil colors. Many more shades of spots, ghost spots and others to be added....more photos soon :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

***Caution : Wet paint :)
I thought I would share one of my "work in progress" commissioned items....this lovely "Memphis Belle" is sculpted by Trish Forsyth and is owned by Maria. One of my objectives today was to ad some detail to "Memphis Belle" and to paint her tail as well. Click on the pictures for a larger view. Miss Belle is about 75 % completed ...she sits in the sun now to dry until morning :)
Back to my brushes :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi all :)
I've completed "Ravenhill Revisited" and his final photos have been taken.....he will be on his way to Stacey Tumlinson in the morning:) It has been raining and cloudy for three days now....not good picture taking weather for me as I do not have a photo box set up. I've always relied on the early morning sunlight for taking photos as this light seems to do best for me and my camera....and that early morning light puts a good deep reflecting light on my paintworks eyes...picking up the highlights...and bringing out the truest colors.
I've enjoyed painting this copy of Ravenhill Revisited....I feel I have improved and refined my appaloosa painting technique over the past several months and I look forward to improving and learning more on painting the appaloosa color as well as all equine colors. For me there is always a higher painting technique goal to reach...a new painting "tool" to experiment with for improvement....and the challenge of "seeing" the layers of color in the live horse...from the skin under the hair to the coat color itself.....and applying this to my paintwork for a more realistic and life like end result. Each time I paint I am learning. My ref book library is equine genetics books and horse color books are a must for me....and the internet is a very useful tool:)
Click on the above photo to see it in large scale:)
Have a wonderful day all :)