Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi all!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving and Chistmas holiday season filled with family, friends and wonderful hot spiced cider, ham and turkey, and all the fixins' :)
I've been burning the midnigh oil again in the studio...painting away and having the time of my life. So many wonderful equine faces looking at me...all in various stages of completion. Some finished and looking at me from my "finished" shelf.
Here is a wonderful resin I am working on for Stephanie and Brian. This project is a portrait of their horse T.K.Wellington. We chose to use a wonderful Carol Williams Victrix resin and I added the new sculpted gelding parts to replicate the live T.K.Wellington.
As he is pictured here all that is left to complete are painting his eyes, detailing his hooves, mane and tail, and applying the sealer once he is dry.

I am also working on my photography skills :) After much reading and experimenting...and the purchase of a photography cube...and a customized hand died backdrop I think I am finally happy with my photos. The color backdrop I came up with seems to work well with my camera. My photography has needed improvement for a while now...I needed to be able to show more detail and I needed to upgrade to a more professional looking photograph representation of my finishwork.
Well off to begin my fun filled painting day!
C.S.Richmond Studios