Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Abby" aka "Anything but Mine"

Hi all:) Wow it has been a while since I've had time to post here.....I've so busy with commissions here in the studio....working my way through the items here on my "to do" and "in progress" shelves. Most of the items here have some color and are in progress...and just last week two commissions were completed. The two commissions which were completed are featured above.
The top two photos are of a wonderful commissioned Victrix resin sculpted by the uber talented Carol Williams. Victrix is owned by Lisa G. and Lisa chose this wonderful color based on a colorful thoroughbred..and Lisa has chosen the name of "Abby" for her horse. I painted "Abby" with a bit of an altered coat pattern from the real horse...still keeping with the same colors as the real ref horse. A few years back I also painted "Abby"s sire "Color Me Jealous".....a wonderful TB max expressed sabino.  Here is a photo of "Color Me Jealous".

The second completed commission featured above is a wonderful Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig ever popular "Stormy" resin. I painted this item for Marla in appaloosa colors with an extended blanket and loads of fine hair details. I love the way Stormys face is sculpted ...the lazy droopy lower lip and that slight Roman full of personality.
Items which are next in line for painting include the wonderful Debbi Lermond new "Annihilator" resin...commissioned by Sophie...a Victrix resin painted in highly detailed flea bitten grey owned by Stephanie....a Sarah Rose trad Independance, Eberl Kladrupper and Lorenze  and a C. Williams Valor resin owned by Shelly..several Stacey Tumlinson REALLY COOL Aerosmith resin commissions ..and many Rose Reiner commissions too! I can not wait to paint one of those Aerosmiths and Reiners!
Well time to begin my painting day...fall is finally here!
Have a wonderful day all:)
C.S.Richmond Studios