Sunday, August 29, 2010


T.K.Wellington....what a wonderful name. The live T.K.Wellington is owned by Stephanie and her husband Brian and I am honored to have been asked by Stephanie and her husband to paint 3-D portraits of their horses....T.K. , Ziggy and Ransom. Featured here is a photo of the real T.K. along with  the resin I am using to create a life like portrait of T.K....I am using a wonderful Carol Williams Victrix resin...which has been customized to a gelding by C.S.Richmond Studios. 
I am painting Stephanie and Brians other two horses, Ziggy and Ransom, using two Breyer Gem Twist models. Both Ziggy and Ransom are wonderfully nice colored bays..each a differrent variation of bay.
I am moving along nicely now with commissions after the busy Breyerfest and NAN event held in July. I look to have four new commissions completed in the next three weeks....and I have also moved on to pulling two names from the waiting list.
I greatly appreciate the interest in my paintwork from so many wonderful people. The emails from people wishing to be added to my waiting list just kept coming in...and I am greatly humbled by the overwelming wave of inquiries over the past six months. My paint slot books as well as my waiting list books are now closed until I can get the majority of the customers commissions on my waiting list completed. I will surely have to come up with a new way of offering paint slot openings.....I'll be thinking on how to do that over the fall and next spring. It has come to the point where the overwelming number of people at one time asking me to paint an item for them makes it impossible for me to handle them all without having a waiting list that goes on for eternity. Thinking of a plan...thinking..thinking...
Commission works in progress and now with colors are an appaloosa Stormy resin in dark bay extended blanket, A mini Wyakin in bay varnish roan appaloosa, and an Eberl Lorenze in wonderfully highly detailed Knabstrupper colors.
More to come soon:)
C.S.Richmond Studios