Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"The LOOK"

Progress on my next sales item is speeding along....I've added the basic outline of the "look" that "Vincentius" will display in his eyes...here you see in the photo also the beginings of the fine hair detailing I'll be incorporating into the dappled grey coat of "Vincentius".

I want to paint a full-concentration and fully-focused look in the eyes of "Vincentius"....his nostrils are gathering the scents in the air ...his ears are alert to the slightest sound...and his eyes are focused intently on the movement of perhaps his master or some other subject of his interest.

I have on hand four photos I am working with as reference photos to paint by and I have the web page printed out with the documentation of the horse and breed...all the documentation/photos will go to the new owner of "Vincentius". The breed I chose is the Gaited Morgen Horse.... "Vincentius" will be auctioned off via Ebay soon. As of this date "Vincentius" is about 90% completed.

I just LOVE this resin....he is so majestic and proud.....Johann was exertly sculpted by the wonderfully talented Morgen Kilbourn.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Pictured here is my new up and coming C.S.Richmond Studios sales item "Vincentius"...this item is currently a work in progress...he is a wonderful "Johann" resin sculpted by the ever popular Morgen Kilbourn.

I've titled this paintwork project "Vincentius" and the photo there beside him is the ref photo I am using for the paintwork....ever sice I began painting flat work or 3-D equines I've given my paintwork items names or titles ....the name I chose for this project is "Vincentius". The name "Vincentius" means conquering. With "Johann"s wonderful proud stance the name suits him yes?

More photos soon!

C.S.Richmond Studios