Friday, May 20, 2011

The leaves of summer...

Well the leaves are in full foliage now...all dressed in thier dark summer emerald clothes. We had a pair of blue birds nest in the bird house this year. Watching that pair of blues this spring was a treat. Usually the sparrows get first dibs on that house...not this year though.

Working my way through commissions here in the studio....I love working on commissions and I love working with customers. I've been in retail sales, in one form or another, for almost 40 years and never tire of it.

I have many resins packed away which I purchased through the years for sales items. I think my favorite to paint will be the "Crusher" and the "Willowby". I want to customize the "Willowby"..give him a new mane and/or tail...thinking on that. Time to dig those beauties out and give them some color.

Here is a nice little resin. Valinor..sculpted by the super talented Sarah Minkiewicz...this item is a commissioned item owned by Susan.. I have fallen in love with painting dappled greys and the dilute colors. I want to paint a silver bay as a sales item. I  have in mind a Ravenhill Revisited which I want to give a new look...a new mane and tail. I've had the reference photo picked out and placed in my library for ever. I also have one copy of the trad Scarlett resin I want to paint...I have that ref photo stored away as well. Time to get busy painting these projects!
"Vincentius"  (Johann resin) is completed. He was put up for offers a couple of weeks ago and will be going to a new home soon. I have one more copy to paint....still tossing around the colors for him in my mind. I may paint him in a nice dark dappled bay with some neat facial markings...need to search for ref photos.
I also have some Breyers and Stone plastics to paint as sales items. I have a "Spago" Stone plastic...seeing him as an appaloosa sporthorse..dark dark bay appaloosa sporthorse.
More updates soon! Happy Spring!