Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hot summer winds....

There is a positive side to having a hot summer and painting with oil colors...the oil paints dry very fast when it is hot ! Even the whites and light yellows are dry in 24 hours. In winter I am waiting 7 days or more for my paintwork to dry....we keep our home very cool in the winter and I imagine if we had the thermostat set higher my paintwork would dry faster. I also do not have AC in my studio in the open window and fans do the cooling for me. Now I will admit when we hit 103 here in Central Virginia about 10 days ago you bet that AC was turned on....we are fortunate to have an average summertime temp of around 92-96 degrees.

I've been listening to a few of my workshop students and thier issues with slow drying oil colors due to climate where they live. I myself do not use the drying agents in painting 3-D resin projects. Many asked about using the drying agents for speeding up the drying time of the oil colors. Some asked about using terpentine.

I used terpentine ...well the artists brand of terpentine....when I painted on canvas years ago....used to speed the drying time of my work. I am a bit apprehensive in using terpentine on 3-D resin material....I'm not sure if using terpentine in the process of applying oil paint to resins has been put to the test and what the long term issues might be on the resin material over time. Perhaps none yes?

I can speak from exterience in using the dryers and the issues one can have with them. When I first began using the oil colors to paint 3-D resins about 5 years ago I did use a chemical drying agent on one was a small Stablemate sized resin. I'm not sure if it was my inexperience in using the drying agent or a problem with the drying agent itself.....the surface of the paintwork began to crack like a the soil in super dry season. Fortunately this project was my personal resin and not a commissioned item. Needless to say I never used the drying agent again for fear of messing up a project. Perhaps I used too much of the dryer....or I applied too many coats of oils too quickly..or I applied the final sealer coat before the paintwork was 100% dry.

About a year after this happened to me I read somewhere about how the drying agents have to be replaced with a fresh bottle after a few months. I read that if one used the old drying agent that strange things can happen to paintwork.

I am wanting to go back and try the dryers again....I've read online about several brands that do not yellow with age AND that it only take a TINY bit of the stuff to make your paints dry faster....I'm thinking that using too much of dryer mixed into my paint was my issue.

If you all hear a scream and read a post or two written by me stating "I knew better"  and "I told myself not to" then you will know what happened. "Elsie Workshop" is nearing the end of the session. Pictured above are two photos of the completed "Elsie" ...."Elsie" is sculpted by the super gifted Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig  and this copy of "Elsie" is owned by Kate.

I've ventured into producing a booklet and CD containing the step by step photos and a 25 page instruction booklet on the "Elsie" project. My goodness 25 pages in the booklet and 150 photos just for one project...but I REALLY I enjoyed putting together the workshop and teaching, the booklet and CD set.

I found and began using MS Office Word after a few workshop sessions...learning how and using the MS Word made the project much better as my spelling skills are somewhat lacking. I also learned how to edit the step by step instructional photos a bit better too. Practice practice practice :)

In the works is a highly detailed Annihilator blanket appaloosa in deep dark bay workshop...I am sure it will be early next year before this workshop will come to life...loads of details, painting time, and I am sure there will be more than 150 edited photos for this workshop...probably 250 photos is a good estimate.

I also have a dappled grey Boreas that will make a splendid workshop project...AND a silver Lucitano (Turko) resin too. No doubt those workshops will be available before the Annihilator project is put together.

I love bright colors. When I went shoping for the materials to put together the CD and booklet I wanted COLOR! There they were! All bright in wonderful shades...CDs, folders, and even matching CD cases.

Speaking of bright colors....look at this beautiful butterfly that landed on an appropriately named butterfly bush outside near my studio window!

Time to start painting for me!
Have a wonderful day all!
Sandra Hottinger