Friday, February 19, 2010

"Sophies Annihilators"

Hi all:)

By now most of you have seen the new "Angry Drafter" AKA as "The Annihilator"...if not you can see him here and read the wonderful story of "Sophies dream" and how Sophie and Debbi Lermond made this angry beast come to here:

This is a second post on the wonderful Annihilators:) Sophie has now chosen the colors I am to paint her 4 copies to:) Wonderful color choices all!
I am proud and honored to have been asked by dear Sophie to paint four of these wonderful resins for her. I will be painting cast number two...number 6 ...number 17...and number 18. Sophie has also decided on the colors she wishes me to paint for her. They will be as follows:

#2....highly detailed appaloosa..deep dark chocolate brown/black varnished roaned brown/black with extended blanket...loaded with fine hair detail throughout with the coolest mapped and haloed spots I've seen yet...I am working from a live ref horse photo for painting this guy...Sophie was wonderful to research and find just the right ref horse for her copy number two. I am sure you all will be amazed at the colors and pattern once this guy is completed.

#6.....For this copy Sophie has chosen a wonderful highly detailed leopard appaloosa with the most gorgeous pink skin and spots in complete balance. Sophies favorite colors...leopard appaloosa:) Sophie was wonderful in finding the ref picture I will be using to paint her Annihilator copy number 6 by:)

#17.....For this copy number 17 Sophie has chosen a super cool chessie roan with the most splendid color eyes I have seen yet..the eye color contrast with the coat color is facinating. Many thanks to Sophie for allowing me to paint this wonderful color for her:)

#18....for this copy number eighteen Sophie has chosen to have me paint a horse she saw in a movie....she painstakingly took photos of the horse on television so I would have amny photos to work by....the copy number 18 will be painted to a highly detailed black and white with a wonderful bald face and blue eyes....the black in this horses coat os soooo wonderful...a nice blue-black coal look...and the eyes are sky blue.

I must say that the Annihilator is packed full of details..he is really something to see in person......Debbi added the most fine hair detail in the sculpture...and the face...oh my the face is so full of expression...I just can not wait to put paintbrushes to work on these guys!

Thanks again Sophie for asking me to paint these four guys for you...and special thanks to Debbi and her talents in bringing Sophies dream to life.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shellys' horses...

Here are three wonderful resins which I will be painting for Shelly as commissions....the top photo is as Eberl Kladrupper stallion which Shelly has decided to be painted to a nice rose grey. the middle photo is the ever popular Rose Independance...and the bottom photo is of an Eberl Lorenze which will be painted to a highly detailed covered-with-spots-and-roaning appaloosa with four nice sox.
Sophies' angry beasts......
New arrival at C.S. Richmond Studios....the new Debbi Lermond "Annihilator" super detailed is this guy ..simply amazing! I have been commissioned by Sophie Morel to paint 4 of these amazing sculptures.I'll be painting copy numbers two, six, seventeen and number eighteen. More to come:)