Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NAMHSA 15th anniversary donation work in progress....

Here is an updated photo of my NAMHSA 15th anniversary donation item....wonderful "Venator" is being painted by me, C.S.Richmond Studios and this copy of the popular Carol Williams sculpture was generously donated by Gary of Rio Rondo..thanks Gary!
"Shadows of the Moon" is approx 80% completed...he will be a raffle item featured at the NAMHSA 15th anniversary party in July...for more info on raffle ticket purchases and the other wonderful donations click here:

also be sure to visit my main web site here:


More to come:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm still kickin' ....

Hi all:) Wow time sure flies! I've been burning the midnight oil with various commission projects and the NAN 2010 donation "Shadows of the Moon" project.....and here is one of my favorites ...a wonderful Peasant Stomer resin sculpted by Deb Lermond and Kitty Cantrell. This copy of P.S. was customized by Deb Lermond with the addition of some new mane hair strands, more leg feathering and a new look to his tail. At this stage P.S. is about 45% completed ....this wonderful guy is a commissioned item owned by Barbara and is being painted by C.S.Richmond Studios in oil colors to a wonderful soft grey with golden tones and a hint of warm browns....more to come soon:)