Monday, May 21, 2012

One intense project....

By far this one Annihilator project has been my most involved, most painting hours applied, most detailed project to date. I have finally applied the last of the fine hair detail layers ....there are four and five in some places....and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. No complaints just observation...I never tire or get burned out from painting a highly detailed project....

Seeing a project nearing completion makes my heart sing....

Annihilator is an amazing angry draft horse sculpted by the gifted Debbi Lermond ...who applied her talents to the Peasant Stomper resin to give him a look born of a vision from Sophie Morel.

For this project I used two reference photos. One of a Noriker and the other of a draft appaloosa cross.
The Annihilator is a commissioned item and is still a work in progress.

Below is a wonderful Wyakin resin sculpted by the talented Michelle Platt.....Wyakin is still a work in progress and is a commissioned item

Below is another wonderful resin...the well known Rose Reining horse resin sculpted by the ever popular Sarah Rose. This reiner below is being painted using a pintaloosa horse reference photo, is a work in progress and is also a commission project. The colors of spots on the Reiner will change throughout the next few painting steps as well as the colors on the mane and tail....

Below is another work in progress commission project...he is the wonderful Senator resin sculpted by the super talent of Brigitte Eberl. Senator will have much more dark shading added ...

Studio progress is progressing on schedule...I have almost completed the prepping on the last of the 2011-2012 commission projects. Once the in studio commissions are completed I will be offering very sparse and very limited commission painting slots. I have many unpainted resins here in the studio from my own resin collection that are wanting some color.

I have collected  many reference photos for most of them and thank goodness I have two copies of some of them...I have an AWFUL problem with deciding what color to paint a sales project if I only have one copy in possession...I keep changing my has happened twice now. I've made a vow to keep my happy little fingers off the keyboard with discussion of a color a project will be until that project is completed and ready for sale.

I have the one 2013 Willoughby commission slot offering (discussed via my Yahoo group) open for offers. If anyone wishes details on this offering please request to join my Yahoo group by clicking below:

Have a wonderful day everyone!
C.S.Richmond Studios


  1. Beautiful pattern on the appaloosa! They're all looking wonderful :-)