Saturday, July 6, 2019

Update on 2019 offerings from CSRichmondStudios


Hi everyone!
Here is an update on the items I am currently working on in the studio. These items will be offered to the public for purchase via the "highest offer" method once completed.

The only other item which will be added will be the lovely "Anise" ... sculpted by the talented Jennifer Scott. She is slated to arrive in the studio sometime after Breyerfest.

The items which are the farthest ahead in production are:
"IKO" aka "Trouble"... a L. Fraley mule with a custom one of a kind base.

"Aerosmith" with his custom sculpted rock wall jump.. the rock wall jump is removable and consists of four pieces.

"Muzeera" medallion...

"Rose Reiner"... I will customize "Reiners" base..

"Levi Dockers"... "Levi" is catching up with the previously mentioned items...I am painting "Levi" to a bright and flashy pintaloosa.

"Latigazo".. he is in the beginning stages .. the tiny sculpted details on this little guy are super fantastic!

Here's some work in progress photos:




"Levi Dockers"


More soon!
Many thanks for your continued interest in my paintwork!
Sandra Hottinger

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