Saturday, July 6, 2019

Update on 2019 offerings from CSRichmondStudios


Hi everyone!
Here is an update on the items I am currently working on in the studio. These items will be offered to the public for purchase via the "highest offer" method once completed.

The only other item which will be added will be the lovely "Anise" ... sculpted by the talented Jennifer Scott. She is slated to arrive in the studio sometime after Breyerfest.

The items which are the farthest ahead in production are:
"IKO" aka "Trouble"... a L. Fraley mule with a custom one of a kind base.

"Aerosmith" with his custom sculpted rock wall jump.. the rock wall jump is removable and consists of four pieces.

"Muzeera" medallion...

"Rose Reiner"... I will customize "Reiners" base..

"Levi Dockers"... "Levi" is catching up with the previously mentioned items...I am painting "Levi" to a bright and flashy pintaloosa.

"Latigazo".. he is in the beginning stages .. the tiny sculpted details on this little guy are super fantastic!

Here's some work in progress photos:




"Levi Dockers"


More soon!
Many thanks for your continued interest in my paintwork!
Sandra Hottinger

Sunday, June 30, 2019

CSRichmondStudios is back....

Hi everyone!

Around July of last year I returned to painting the 3D miniature equine resin sculptures.

Several have asked where I have been... well back in 2012 my husbands and my finances took a dive. Overflow from the 2009 nation wide financial issues. My husband and I did what was necessary to catch up financially. Work in our state was minimal...which meant that we were required to look out of state for work. We traveled to many states on the eastern seaboard and did this for 5 years.

Fast forward to 2018. I returned to painting...I deeply missed painting the horses during those 5 years. Creativity and inspiration is part of my soul.. an overflowing drive to grab a paintbrush and create color is always working like a whirlpool on the inside....just as it is with many artists.

In 2018 I completed a long awaited Blue Bird Studio and CSRichmondStudios collaboration sales piece ...and 2 other sales pieces which were sold.

Current 2019. Several commissions have been completed to date as well as a painted Rose "Hadrian" sales piece, a painted Breyer micro Mini Whinny sales piece, and a painted M. Bennett micro "Blitzen" sales piece.

In the works 2019/2020...

I am working on several public offering pieces... to be sold via highest offer once completed. All of my paintwork is 100% hand painted in professional grade artists oil colors.

The ones closest to completion include:
1) A customized S. Tumlinson "Aerosmith" with a custom hand sculpted removable rock wall jump. "Aerosmith" to a star dappled mulberry rose dappled grey.

2) A wonderful Fraley "IKO" mule to a bright and flashy spotted mule ..."IKO" will include a customized fancy hand painted wood-look and metallic golden bronze base. The colors in the base will go fantastically well with the colors on "IKO".

3) A Rose "Reiner" in mulberry star dappled rose grey... I will slightly customize "Reiners" base....the addition of some white markings may be in the works.

4) Levi "Dockers" sculpted by J. Scott... his color will be very unique, bright.. highly detailed... and he will have splendid blue eyes which will include lots of depth... the kind of blue eyes that reach into your soul when they look at you.

5) "Muzeera" medallion sculpted by Maria Hjerppe... this wonderful medallion is being painted to a mulberry rose dappled grey with a bright chestnut mane which includes some flaxen and sooty tones.

Coming down the pike for highest offer will be Venator, Annihilator, Victrix, Mini Indy, and several more.

I do have a commission waiting list going. The waiting list, as of this writing, is full through the summer of 2019. Questions? Email me thorough

I also have a CSRichmondStudios newsletter which I use to announce up and coming public offerings and my "accepting highest offer" announcements for items currently up for offers.
Here is the link to my newsletter:
CSRichmondStudios Newsletter

Want to see more of my work? Email me at and I can gladly send you links to my photo albums.

Find me on Facebook.. look up my personal page on FB under Sandra Hottinger and send me a friend request or out C.S.Richmond Studios... the C.S.Richmond Studios is my FB studio page.

That's about it for now.
Many many thanks for everyone's continued interest in my paintwork!
Sandra Hottinger